The Winemaking


We are in Burgundy and we have exceptional terroirs. It’s up to us to reveal them !

What is the best way to define a terroir ? Difficult to say because it is a complex set of factors which ensure that we obtain products at a specific location with a taste, texture and color specific to that location.

The word terroir has no equivalent in other languages, perhaps because France is full of different landscapes, climates and soils which make it possible to obtain products that are so heterogeneous from one region to another.

For many generations, a lot of work has been done to select terroirs. You should know that a terroir with great wine is not necessarily a terroir with great cheese and vice versa. It is through observation, tasting and sometimes intuitively that our ancestors obtained such great richness of taste in their foods.

We try to continue this work that has been done for centuries.


Most of the work is done in the vineyard, without beautiful grapes there is no beautiful wine. Cellar work is thus limited to the strict minimum.

We carry out a manual harvest. The grapes are transported in boxes to limit compaction and crushing.

On arrival at the winery, the harvest is sorted on a sorting table to eliminate all elements unfavorable to the production of great wines.

Caisse à vendange

Depending on the maturity of the stalks, the grapes are destemmed and undergo cold maceration to extract the aromas.

We let the fermentations start with natural yeasts specific to each plot, always with the aim of respecting the terroir.

During this maceration of approximately 14 days, we carry out light punching down and pumping over in order to homogenize the must.

After light pressing, we put it into oak barrels. The wines are aged in wood for approximately 12 months so that they become rounded and obtain great aromatic finesse. We are not looking for the extraction of aromas from the oak, the barrels allow slow mico-oxygenation which stabilizes the wine as well as its color.

Wine cellar